Morning Links: Personal Errand Era Ends for Conde Nast Interns

Following Hearst suit, Conde Nast said to be overhauling internship programs. No more personal errands! [Fashionista]

The New York Times hired Politico deputy managing editor Bill Hamilton to be a D.C.-based national security editor. Mr. Hamilton was replaced by Gregg Birnbaum, the longtime Post reporter who barely escaped last year. He was promoted from Politico’s Breaking News team. [Politico]

Rupert Murdoch attended Marie Colvin’s funeral. [Capital NY]

Homeless people as WiFi Transmitters: worst idea ever? [NY Times]

Tim Armstrong, Ben Silverman, and Barry Diller at Michael’s [Page Six]

Emotional Henry Blodget posts entire Wikipedia entry for My Lai Massacre to Business Insider. [Gawker]

Rebekah Brooks and husband arrested for obstruction of justice. [NY Times]