Morning Links: Rush’s Advertisers Disband, Alt-Weeklies Unite

Michael Kinsley thinks we should be glad Rush Limbaugh ran his mouth. [Bloomberg]

Limbaugh on his advertisers leaving him: “Only the leftists try to use extortion, pressure, threats to silence opposing voices. We don’t do that.” [NY Times]

So we guess those two stations who dropped him were leftists huh. [Mediaite]

Alt-weeklies are banding together for content exchange. [Nieman Lab]

Alex Star leaves Times book review for Farrar Straus & Giroux. [Capital NY]

Metro is literally sending a reader to outer space. [Fishbowl NY]

The Empire State Building was blue last night because of Hearst’s 125th birthday. [NBC]

Marie Colvin’s funeral will be held on Long Island on Monday. []