Morning Links: Times Conservative Wunderkind or Prudish Whit Stillman Character?

From New York magazine’s 140 Minutes With Ross Douthat: “We live in an era where the sexual—” Douthat ­begins, before a slinky waitress interrupts: “Are you guys okay?” “Yes,” Douthat shoots back, then pivots. “Where the sexual revolution happened, where liberals have won across a variety of fronts, and it’s important to see places where some form of corrective would be useful. The attitudes that you get in New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Diaries’ are only going to work for people with large amounts of ­social capital.” [NY Mag]

Founder of C-Span stepping down. [NY Times]

In this hagiographic look at  The Hunger Games marketing team, the bestselling books are practically a footnote. [NY Times]

File under: meta-media news; Observer alumni newsletter. John Koblin to Deadspin! [Capital NY]

Clint Eastwood’s reality show, Mrs. Eastwood & Co., comes to E! [WSJ]

White House and Ambassador to Yemen explain why Yemeni journalist Abd al-Ilah Haydar Al-Sha’i remains locked up. [ABC News]

British journalists released from Libya. [Huffington Post]

MSNBC contributor Megan McCain supports gay marriage without being gay. Radical. “I’m strickly dickly….It might simplify my life if I were gay, but no. … For me, it’s an issue of civil rights. Who people want to sleep with and who they want to love should not have anything to do with government politics at all. And if you see me in a gay bar, it’s only because they play the best music and my gay friends like to dance. Gay guys love me. It’s the big boobs and blond hair.” [Cutline]