Morning Links: TV Layoffs, Tidbit Journalism, Gender at GQ

After Chuck Todd railed against “tidbit journalism,” DC media types explain why the Etch a Sketch story is important. [Fishbowl DC]

Bloomberg TV laid off 30 in “overdue” strategic repositioning. [WSJ]

CNN laid off some employees as well, will start acquiring the documentaries they would have produced. [TV Newser]

Carine Roitfeld’s magazine launches in September, looks like a book, has no front of book. [WWD]

Salman Rushdie went out with model/philanthropist Topaz Page-Green. [Page Six]

That thing where GQ’s cover boys aren’t interesting unless they’re play-seducing its female reporters. [Gawker]

Did Gawker misread a WSJ article or did the commenters misread Gawker? [CJR]

Former Post music critic bought ad in the Post for his new venture, was pulled by Col Allan. [Capital NY]

Breitbart memorial held at–not hosted by–the Newseum. [Romenesko]