Morning Links: Who’s at SXSW and What They’re Talking About

Everyone and their editor is at SXSW right now. [Capital NY]

Like Maureen O’Connor and her editor Nick Denton, who said on a panel that a new system will turn commenters into moderators of the threads they start so that trolls don’t make writers cry anymore. [Adweek]

Meanwhile, Simon Dumenco will stop aggregators from making reporters cry with his Council on Ethical Blogging and Aggregation and its Curator’s Code. [NY Times]

And an actually interest rumor coming out of  SXSW: CNN buying Mashable for $200 m. [Reuters]

Larry King to Carlos Slim’s internet TV, [Reuters/HuffPo]

Harvard makes chart to prove misinformation spreads faster than correction. Duh, nerds. [Poynter]

Conde Nast ❤ watches. [WWD]

Brett Favre Twitter hacked! [Yahoo]