Morning Read: Tier VI Turf War, ‘Mikey Suits,’ Spinning NYC’s Jobs Numbers

The Republican-controlled State Senate will include Governor Cuomo’s Tier VI pension reform plan in its budget proposal, but the Democrats in the Assembly won’t. Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO launched a $1 million ad blitz attacking Tier VI.

Yorkshire Terriers, flamboyant suits, questionable military ribbons and strip club stings: Inside the world of embattled Congressman Michael “Mikey Suits” Grimm.

There are pros and cons to the latest jobs numbers in New York City leaving room for both Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his critics to spin the data.

White House security brass conducted a simulated cyberattack on New York City’s power grid to shore up Senate support for a new cybersecurity bill.

The Dominican American National Roundtable, which is angling for a predominantly Latino district that would include Upper Manhattan, the Bronx and parts of Queens, filed a legal challenge to the redistricting plan proposed by the special master.

Governor Cuomo’s budget team got the state teachers retirement system to scrub criticisms of his pension reform plan from a recent report.

Did Al Sharpton and Democratic power broker Charlie King negotiate a deal between the Bronx and Northern Manhattan to come to terms on redistricting?

A federal judge’s ruling that an FDNY hiring exam discriminated against minorities could cost the city $128 million.

There are currently just 24 female firefighters in New York City, but a record number of women are set to take the FDNY exam.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer says the City budget is a “byzantine maze” that must be made more “transparent and equitable.”

Tom Engel is ending his campaign for Congress now that Maurice Hinchey has announced his retirement. Mr. Engel previously said he wanted to combat Mr. Hinchey’s “liberal agenda.”

Topless Code Pink protesters shouted “Bust up Bank of America” as they crashed a speech by the company’s president and CEO, Brian Moynihan, at a conference in Midtown.

Mayor Bloomberg defended his Chicago counterpart, Rahm Emanuel, after the Windy City’s “embarrassing loss” of the G-8 Summit.

CSEA President Danny Donohue is set to announce his candidacy for the presidency of the AFSCME union.

Mitt Romney says campaigning in the Deep South is an “away game.”

Screwups by the Santorum campaign have led to problems winning delegates.

Mr. Romney is asking top Republican donors to dig deep into their pockets to help him win the protracted campaign for the GOP nomination.

Marc Bell, CEO of the company that publishes porn magazine Penthouse, is considering a run for Congress in Florida.