Patricia Duff Talks Elevator Snafu at Obama Fundraiser

20120309-185452.jpgNew York needs to amp up it’s elevator inspection. It hasn’t even been a month since Suzanne Hart died when mechanics forgot to reinstate the safety features in her company’s elevators, so you’d think people would be getting their machines checked, but apparently not. Earlier this week, head honcho of the political forum The Common Good was forced into a similarly scary incident when she found herself stuck in an elevator with a bunch of secret servicemen…during an Obama fundraiser.

At $10k a head, you’d have hoped that White House interior designer Michael Smith and HBO vice president James Costos had made sure that the lift up to their UES pad wouldn’t accidentally trap their guests between floors, but at least the Democratic Fundraiser had a good sense of humor about the incident after being forced to wedge herself out between floors after half an hour.
“Jumping out with the elevator between floors added a bit of excitement I hadn’t planned on,” Ms. Duff told The New York Observer via email. “But the event and President Obama’s remarks were worth the wait.”