Peter Vallone Goes Hollywood

Peter Vallone Jr. (Photo: New York City Council)

TMZ normally chronicles the world of Hollywood stars and reality TV trainwrecks, but yesterday, the celebrity obsessed news site journeyed into “The Vallone Zone” and interviewed Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. about his boycott of the ABC show GCB. Mr. Vallone is upset about the show, which is based on a book called Good Christian Bitches, because he views its original title as an “outrageous attack on the Christian faith.”

“You would never, ever see this even considered when it comes to a different religion, a title of this type,” Mr. Vallone said in his appearance on the web show TMZ Live. “I don’t think the word should be used in a title to begin with, I mean it just shows you how far down we’ve come to be discussing a title like this. I think it’s ridiculous.”

Mr. Vallone said the show is a disgrace to the memory of Walt Disney, founder of ABC’s parent company.

“I think Disney would be turning over in his grave looking at what’s been done to his legacy. This is an ugly word. I can’t get past the title. This is an ugly word that shouldn’t be in any title,” Mr. Vallone said. “We’re telling people to get it out of our lyrics and respect women and were using it this way. And it absolutely should not be used next to the word ‘Christian.'”

ABC initially changed the show’s title to “Good Christian Belles” and eventually the abbreviation. ABC claims the “B” in the acronym still stands for “Belles.” Mr. Vallone doesn’t buy this explanation.

“That’s ridiculous. I don’t have idiot written on my forehead,” Mr. Vallone said. “You can’t name it after a book and then later say, ‘Well, in my mind, it actually means something else.’ Stop being ridiculous.”

Despite his anger with the show, Mr. Vallone said he doesn’t want it taken off the air. He just wants the title to be changed and an apology from the network.

“I’m not calling for this to be pulled off the air. People who want to watch it, watch it. I’m just calling for people in good conscience, of all different faiths to not watch it,” Mr. Vallone said. “So many people aren’t even aware of what this title means, and they should be, and the name needs to be changed and I think an apology should be issued.”