Prostitutes are Fine, Cameramen are Annoying: On Living Next Door to the UES Madam

This picture probably taken by one of those obnoxious journalists.

Have you ever lived across the street from an infamous prostitute?

Most likely not. But the neighbors of the Upper East Side madam have a real problem with her, or rather the media circus that has followed, which they share with Brick Underground’s advice-columnist Ms. Demeanor:

Dear Ms. Demeanor,

We live across the street from the infamous East Side Madam.  She is apparently in jail but there are film crews outside her building day and night.  I seriously don’t know how much footage they need of a building vestibule but it is apparently a lot.

Are they expecting tall woman in stilettos and tight pants to come rushing in and out?  The jig is up!

My kids keep asking about it and I don’t know what to tell them.  All I want to do is tell the cameramen to get a real job and get the hell out of my neighborhood.


Mad at the Madam

Oddly enough, no complaints about the prostitutes. Who knew they made good neighbors? So long as the windows were kept closed, the kids were none the wiser, either.