Roundup: More Redistricting; More Liu; Romney Wins Wyoming

AALDEF mapped Asian communities to current Congressional lines.

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund also submitted a redistricting proposal.
(Important to note it could have just as much, or more, impact as the Assembly & Senate proposals.)

A redistricting task force chair said we might see the new legislative lines as soon as Monday.

And discussed a Constitutional amendment to reform the process.

Another task force chair said he hopes for a compromise on the Congressional lines.

The judge redistricting doesn’t want information about where incumbents live.

Eric Ulrich gave some amazing quotes on the Queens GOP.

John Liu hinted at future surprises.

He’s an expert at saying less-than-useful things about the scandal.

And is acting like nothing happened.

Scott Stringer passed on criticizing him.

Governor Cuomo called an absolutist position on pension reform “unintelligent.”

Hakeem Jeffries will receive a “major union” endorsement tomorrow.

He’d vote against the current redistricting proposals that aren’t likely to be voted on.

David Storobin received some blessings.

Carl Kruger’s office was scrubbed down.

Rory Lancman penned an op-ed on college costs.

Matt Titone has a possible Republican opponent in his deeply Democratic district.

Bill de Blasio has a new Twitter account.

One of Andrew Breitbart’s wilder moments in New York political history.

On the presidential campaign:

The GOP candidates remember Breitbart, over Twitter.

President Obama is back in town.

Mitt Romney won Wyoming while you weren’t paying attention.

Rick Santorum sat down with the New York Times.

Romney & Co. continue to spend big.

Newt Gingrich has to win Georgia.

Roundup: More Redistricting; More Liu; Romney Wins Wyoming