Roundup: Redistricting Never Ends; Thinking About Vito Lopez; Kansas Votes Tomorrow

Russian and Ukrainian immigrant populations mapped on the proposed State Senate map. (Photo: The New York World)

The AFL-CIO agreed to halt its ad campaign on pensions.

Citizens Union doesn’t want people to know what they’re up to on redistricting.

How Albany broke up the Soviet voting bloc.

The courts won’t intervene on the 63rd State Senate seat until the map is finalized.

However, Nancy Pelosi is getting involved.

Gatemouth wasn’t impressed by Charles Barron’s redistricting logic.

RedState’s Erick Erickson has an interesting redistricting argument of his own.

Correction: Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement of David Storobin is coming next week.

Steve Cymbrowitz urged Manhattan Beach residents to get behind Lew Fidler.

In what may help Erik Dilan’s Congressional bid, a young progressive type entered the race.

Dilan continued to raise money for his campaign.

Vito Lopez  prepared for an earlier state legislative primary date.

Various tidbits from last night’s New Kings Democrats’ endorsement meeting.

New King Democrats: “Not that Brooklyn is Moscow and Vito Lopez is Vladimir Putin. But it’s funny to think about this as if Brooklyn was Moscow and Vito Lopez was Vladimir Putin.”

The primary day confusion could seriously impact County Committee races.

Walter Mosley explained his relationship with Lopez, as well as other matters.

Cardinal Dolan will head to Albany.

Mayor Bloomberg mused on his favorite energy sources.

The health insurance exchange is stalling.

Nicole Malliotakis called for spousal refusal to remain in the budget.

There are uncertain costs in helping illegal aliens attend public colleges.

Harlem churches are seeing a gospel tourist boom on Sundays.

The New York Times’ pay wall could pay off.

Dov Hikind is on Twitter.

On the presidential race:

Kansas’ caucus night tomorrow offers Rick Santorum an opportunity for delegates.

Team Romney says winning Alabama would be decisive.

Romney’s the underdog in the South, but he doesn’t have a lot to lose.

Dave Weigel looked at the Illinois battlefield.

Shockingly, Republican voters are not entirely in love with either Santorum or Romney.

Santorum doesn’t really have a path to victory in the long run.