ScarJo’s Mom Get Back Half Her Deposit for Midtown Apartment

Unfortunate. (Bossip)

Looks like there is some rumbling in the Johansson household! After Scarlett Johansson dropped her mom, Melanie Sloan, as her agent, the mom has lost quite a bit more than just her 10 percent.

Sloan deposited $130,000 dollars on a $1.4 million dollar two-bedroom apartment in the Strand building on West 43rd Street. Failing to obtain a mortgage, Sloan cited declining income and the loss of her largest client (Scarlett!) as grounds for financial distress, the Journal reports. The claims dispute escalated to the Manhattan Supreme Court in which ruled that the parties were to split the deposit.

The exact amount was not disclosed, but Sloan’s lawyer, Morrell I. Berkowitz, told the Journal that the dispute was “amicably settled.”