Some of Hilton Kramer’s Greatest Hits

In his column about art for The New York Observer, Hilton Kramer, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 84, came to define this paper’s signature style. Most publicists would call it “snarky” (which is admittedly kind of true), though we prefer the phrase “New York’s Scorecard.” Kramer epitomized a sort of bitchy intellectualism that is sadly rare in a lot of writing about art and culture today (at least the intellectualism part). He could speak with as much wit and thoughtfulness about a forgotten Modern painter as he could about the state of art institutions in New York. Below, a selection of some of our favorite pieces by Kramer, taken from The Observer archives.

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  1. [...] York Times, Kramer left to found his own magazine, The New Criterion, in 1983. He maintained both a column on the arts at The New York Observer and, for a time, a media criticism column on the New York Post op-ed [...]