Stuyvesant High School Taps ‘Stuy Mafia’ at Google, Foursquare to Enhance Computer Science Program

All students at Stuyvesant High School are required to take an introductory computer science course during sophomore year. Mike Zamansky, the coordinator of Stuyvesant’s bleeding-edge computer science program and a consultant on the city’s new high school tech campus, cold-emailed experts at Google and the University of California, Berkeley while writing it. “It’s a very well-designed course,” he told Betabeat by phone this morning. “We know not every one is going to be a computer scientist. But how can you give an overview and inspire the ones that should go into tech, to go into tech, and at the same time give other kids—the 80 percent of the kids, let’s say, who are not meant to go into tech—something valuable?” Read More