Super Duped: Queens Immigrant Convicted of Trying to Provide Arms to Hezbollah

Most New Yorkers are used to their super doing some shady business, like moving furniture or drugs on the side. Who can blame the guy, what he’s getting paid, and so long as he fixes your sink and looks out for packages, who cares? Well, what if your super was running arms for Hezbollah?

That is the case leveled against Patrick Nayyar, an Indian native living in Queens who is the super of his Flushing building. According to the Post, a jury yesterday found Mr. Nayyar guilty of attempting to provide material support to terrorists.

Nayyar, an illegal alien from India, was busted in 2009 after getting caught in an FBI sting operation. The feds said Nayyar and an accomplice sold an informant a handgun, a box of hollow-point bullets and a truck they believed would be used to transport missiles. They also allegedly conspired to sell the informant more guns, ammo and vehicles.

Mr. Nayyar now faces up to 75 years in prison.

When he was arrested in 2009, Mr. Nayyar was celebrated by the Daily News for helping his tenants fight off a crazy cabbie two years earlier. Yet this does not appear to be a case of religious extremism or stupidity but simply greed, according to prosecutors.

So he was just hustlin’ for Hezbollah, not fighting for them.

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