Thank You Brooke Astor! $100 Million Of Philanthropist’s Estate Freed for Charities, Museums, Etc.

20120328-193632.jpgAfter years of red tape and family feuds, the late Brooke Astor will finally have her money going to its correct beneficiaries…New York cultural institutions and charities.

According to a press release today from the offices of Attorney General Schneiderman, Ms. Astor’s son Anthony Marshall, who was accused of neglecting his elderly mother to the point of abuse and was indicted in 2006 by a grand jury on 16 counts of grand larceny, conspiracy, and possession of stolen property, is only going to get half of his original inheritance. (ONLY half?) $30 million will be going to the Brooke Astor Fund for New York City Education.

Other big payouts will be given to the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts and the New York Public Library.

Said Attorney General Schneiderman:

Brooke Astor was at the center of New York philanthropy for nearly half a century. Her legendary generosity and charisma touched New Yorkers of all backgrounds. I am pleased that my office led the way to an agreement that honors Mrs. Astor’s final wishes and benefits New York’s landmark educational and cultural institutions.”

Other organizations that will benefit from Ms. Astor’s charitable will include Central and Prospect Park, Historic Hudson Valley, the Wildlife Conservation Society, Carnegie Hall, the Brooklyn Museum, Rockefeller University, the Morgan Library & Museum, and New York University.