International Business Times Attempts Reddit Glossary, Gets One Term Wrong

You're totally getting downvoted, IBT.

Really, IBT? (

A tweet from Reddit General Manager Erik Martin pointed us to an especially funny error in the International Business Times today. The online global business newspaper ran a servicey article for the Olds, with definitions of some of the weird acronyms users of the social news site Reddit use to communicate with each other. They were doing so well–they correctly described “TL;DR,” “Karma” and “AMA.”

But then they got to “TIL.”

“Usually followed by the word ‘that,’ TIL means ‘Totally In Love,'” reads the article. “This construct is used often in the names of Reddit threads to indicate that the poster is enamored with a specific idea, often one that seems incongruous with what people may expect, or that may blow people’s mind.”

Hate to break it to you, IBT, but most Reddit users know that that’s not what “TIL” means at all. It actually means “Today I Learned,” and is a popular section of the site with over a million readers where users can share interesting facts they learned that day.

It’s unclear how IBT made the mistake, as both Google and UrbanDictionary, sources that IBT name in their glossary, agree that “TIL” means “Today I Learned.”

Hey, at least they got the definition of “Fap” right.

UPDATE: The IB Times added an update acknowledging the error, and included the definition of “AYNIL” in their glossary, an acronym that means “All You Need is Love.” No hard feelings, IBT. YOLO, right?