There Are Bee Hives on the Whitney

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Turns out the recently opened biennial isn’t the only thing generating buzz at the Whitney Museum! (Truly sorry.) In this week’s Talk of the Town, Calvin Tomkins takes a stroll up to the roof of the Whitney, where two hives of bees have been dutifully producing honey since last July.

The plan was to sell the honey at the museum’s restaurant Untitled, but the bees didn’t produce enough in the first year to sell. The plan was based on similar models at the Paris Opéra and the Tate Modern in London. For the first year, the article says:

[Director Adam] Weinberg decided to give it to friends of the museum instead [of selling it]. He commissioned the artist Kiki Smith to design a label, which reads “Flora Honey,” in honor of Flora Miller Biddle, the museum’s former president and the granddaughter of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, its founder.

Mr. Weinberg also has a hive on top of his Upper East Side townhouse.
There Are Bee Hives on the Whitney