Tim Tebow Likes Jesus, So Chuck Close Doesn’t Like Tim Tebow

131944632 Tim Tebow Likes Jesus, So Chuck Close Doesnt Like Tim Tebow

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

New York‘s Bennett Marcus caught up with Chuck Close at a benefit for the Lunchbox Fund yesterday and asked for his thoughts on Tim Tebow, the born-again Christian NFL player, whose trade to the New York Jets made headlines yesterday.

Mr. Close is not a fan.

“Oh, I hate that he’s coming to the Jets,” artist Chuck Close declared in a heartwarming display of New York crankiness. “I hate it! He’s going to be in the end zone praying? This is New York. He should go do that in, uh, the Midwest somewhere. I don’t like that at all.”

Perhaps the best part of this is that Mr. Close appears to be so unfamiliar with the rest of the country that he struggles to name an alternate hometown for Mr. Tebow. “Uh, the Midwest.” Yeah, they probably pray there, why not? Keep it in Peoria, pal.