Turner Robos for Storobin

The David Storobin for State Senate campaign announced today that Congressman Bob Turner will be robo-calling voters in the district on his behalf.

“This is Congressman Bob Turner. On Tuesday March 20 there is a special election for the New York State Senate in your district,” says Mr. Turner in the record.  “I am calling to ask you to vote for David Storobin. He knows that jobs are our number one concern and that our taxes are too high. David Storobin is a small business owner right here in Brooklyn. He’s proven that he can create jobs in a tough economy. And David is the kind of fiscal conservative who I know will work to cut our taxes. Vote for David Storobin on Tuesday March 20. We need David to fight for us to create jobs and lower taxes.”

Mr. Turner won a special election in a district that, like the one Mr. Storobin is competing in, is one of the most Jewish in its respective legislative body. And both seats became available due to a scandal of a Democratic incumbent; in Mr. Turner’s case, due to Anthony Weiner’s cyber-social media scandal, and in Mr. Storobin due to Carl Kruger’s guilty plea in a corruption case.

Mr. Turner’s win over Democrat David Weprin was considered a huge upset. If Mr. Storobin wins against Mr. Fidler, it will be a big upset too, although perhaps not as big a one, partially because Mr. Fidler hasn’t been able to campaign very much due to an extended hospital stay. 

Listen to the audio here.