Typo Squatter About to Get $24K or More for ‘Tubmlr.com’

tubmlr logo Typo Squatter About to Get $24K or More for Tubmlr.comWhat, you haven’t heard of the hip media blogging service Tubmlr (pronounced “tub-em-ler”) which caters to middle-aged singles looking for mail-order brides?

Currently, Tubmlr.com serves up a wonderful collection of spammy Google ads such as “Talk with Russian women,” “Date Sexy Russian Girls,” “Live Chat with Steamy Beauties from Across Russia. Fulfill Your Desire!” and “Mexican Ladies to Marry.” The site also offers ads for plus-size lingerie, cheap flights, Italian single ladies, and Magic/Bird on Broadway.

Wait. Our bad. That’s no blogging platform! That’s just a typo squatter hoping to catch some of the accidental traffic from bloggers who are so eager to get a Tumblr fix that their fast-moving fingers transpose a letter. And he or she is about to make some money just about the easiest way possible on the Internet.

Those typos add up to about 8,000 hits a month, according to the sales listing on Sedo.com,. Now someone is about to pay 15,000 pounds sterling or $24,000 USD for the domain, as the sharp-eyed Domain Name Wire reported.

The price is high, although its value doesn’t even approach the sale of Morage.com, a misspelling of Mortgage, which sold for $242,400. The auction closes in 42 hours, so you’ve still got time! Hurry, and you can even snatch up Stumbler.com for just $25,000 and Tubmlr.net for just $599.