Y Combinator Startup Flutter Lets You Control Your Computer With Gestures

Kiss your trackpads goodbye.

Typing, scrolling, clicking–they’re all just so exhausting. Luckily Flutter, a Y Combinator incubated startup demoed at today’s Y Combinator Demo Day, lets you control your computer simply by holding your hand in front of it, ‘cuz we live in the future.

“Flutter is a Mac OS app that makes your webcam into sort of an Xbox Kinect, monitoring its field of vision for movement and interpreting actions. Once Flutter is installed, you can use specified gestures to get the same result as key commands from the mouse or keyboard,” wrote Wired. Suddenly the Magic Mouse doesn’t seem so magic anymore, huh?

The app currently only works for two applications–iTunes and Spotify–but Flutter’s cofounder, Mehul Nariyawala, thinks that with a little finesse, it will do so much more.

The whole concept sounds eerily similar to Google’s 2011 April Fool’s Day prank, Gmail Motion. In fact, it’s the exact same thing, except Flutter is used to control Mac apps, not Google products. Who’s laughing now, GOOG?