$3M in grants for towns in Salem, Cumberland counties

TRENTON  – Towns in Southern New Jersey will receive nearly $3 million in grants, the state announced today.

Municipalities in Salem and Cumberland counties will split the Small Cities Block Grant funds that will go toward efforts such as housing rehabilitation and infrastructure  improvements.

Acting Governor Kim Guadagno announced the grants – $1.33 million for Cumberland County towns, and  $1.6 million for Salem County municipalities, during visits to Bridgeton and Pittsgrove.

 “Funds will help replace and repair deteriorating water and sewer mains that we rely on every day but seldom think about until there’s a problem,” Guadagno said in announcing the grants. 

Funding for the Small Cities Program is provided by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The DCA administers the grant funds for the state.

In Cumberland County:

$400,000 to streamline the library system; $150,000 for Hurricane Irene-damaged homes; $200,000 in home rehabilitation loans in Downe; $180,000 to rehabilitate low- and moderate-income homes in Upper Deerfield; $400,000 to replace aging water mains and other infrastructure in Upper Deerfield.

In Salem County:

$100,000 in Pittsgrove for low- and moderate-income homes for fixing code violations; $150,000 for homeowners in Salem County for Hurricane Irene damage; $400,000 to repair Ballinger’s Mill Dam; $200,000 in Salem City to rehabilitate 10 low- and moderate-income homes; $150,000 in Upper Pittsgrove to rehabilitate 20 low- and moderate-income homes; $400,000 in Woodstown Borough to replace sewer and water mains; and $200,000 to rehabilitate 22 low- and moderate-income homes in Woodstown Borough and Pilesgrove.


$3M in grants for towns in Salem, Cumberland counties