7-Eleven Latest Indignity to Befall St. Mark’s, Village, Humanity

Grab a tattoo and a slurpee on Saint Mark's! (Courtesy of California Examiner)

Saint Mark’s is about to become trashier – if that’s even possible.

Big Gulps and Slurpees and other 7-Eleven goods will be taking over Saint Mark’s Place in the East Village, the Daily News reports. Though it isn’t the first chain business to open on the street. Within the past decade, other notable food shops like Chipotle and Pinkberry have opened on Saint Mark’s.

The street has changed from “some alternative lifestyle, anything goes, place to a more mainstream, citified street that’s almost like any other,” Gary Steinkohl told the Daily News.

“Our whole idea was keeping out big business,” said Richie Livan, owner of Anthony Aiden Opticians on Saint Marks, “We got rid of The Gap 15 years ago; we can get rid of 7-Eleven.”

7-Eleven has responded by opening more restaurants in the city. Its recent opening on Bowery on 3rd Street will be accompanied by a few on Broadway later this summer.

The company, which has over 46,000 locations worldwide, plans to add twenty new locations every year until 2017, the Daily News noted.