A Guide to Deciphering Jay-Z’s Secret Messages at Basketball Games

Translation: "Call Kanye, tell him we're doing a secret show in Missoula tomorrow."
Translation: "Hey! Over here!"
Translation:" I'm thirsty and/or invest $10 million in New York's water supply."
Translation: "Call up Mikhail Prokhorov, tell him I want out."
Translation: "Fairly met, fellow mogul. How are things?"
Translation: "Okay, that's enough now, Sean."
Translation: "This is the new terrorist fist-jab."
Translation: "I own you all."
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Sipping a drink, or tipping off the team? (Getty Images)

Much has been made the last several days of the secretive nature of Jay-Z’s conversations while sitting in the front row of basketball games (Knicks and Nets). He covers his mouth to avoid lip-readers, has a secret handshake for friends like LeBron James, and may be using some form of covert CIA-level cryptology to alert his posse that he needs more popcorn.

We took a look at pictures of Jay enjoying games throughout the years to see if we could decipher his gestures.

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