A New York Startup Is Giving Away a Wedding

The doers of Done Corp. want to pay for your nuptials.

done wedding A New York Startup Is Giving Away a WeddingDone, the New York City startup that wants you to get to know your neighbors by employing them to do things for you, has decided to spend $5,000 for a lucky couple to have the perfect New York wedding as a demonstration of the power of Done. “Really, we have everyone who could contribute to making an amazing wedding,” Done’s community lead, Rachel Amondson, told Betabeat.

Engaged couples can submit their love stories to Done. New Yorkers will vote on the winners, who will be chosen in true collaborative consumption fashion by June 1. The wedding will take place before Sept. 15, the exact date depending on availability in the South Garden in Central Park.

“The way we looked at this was, ‘what’s the way to share the power of collaborative consumption?'” said Done cofounder and CEO Kevin Nazemi. “A lot of times people think about this space related to tasks and odd jobs, yet the talent of our community is so broad and immense. This is one way to showcase that.”

The “doers” the couple may want to hire for the wedding include photographers, videographers, caterers, violinists and bartenders, who are among the site’s near-125 members. Done’s community can even supply a minister. In addition, Done will give the couple $1,000 in Airbnb credit for an apartment to serve as a honeymoon suite.

Hopefully the marketing gimmick goes well—be careful of bridezillas, we warned Done. “I’m going to put on the application, no bridezillas,” Ms. Amondson said. “We accept same-sex marriages, just not bridezillas.”