Alley Startup Darlings Team Up for the NYC Uncubed Tech Talent Fair


If you’re not into poaching, perhaps this event might interest you: several of New York’s most prominent startups are banding together to host a tech talent fair in the hopes of recruiting fresh-faced new devs. And in order to do so, they want to ply you with liquor and music (those clever rascals).

NYC Uncubed is an initiative that seeks to buck traditional recruitment tactics in favor of innovative new ways for startups to recruit talent. The tech talent fair is one of these projects, and NYC Uncubed has enlisted some of the biggest names in the Alley to attend: Tumblr, Spotify and StackOverflow will be hosting, with speakers from Etsy and Behance, and recruiters from 80 New York startups.

According to a press release, “Uncubed’s disruptive partners bring more to the table than merely their names. The impressive roster of interactive sponsors includes Tumblr (providing an open bar poured into “tumbler” glasses), Spotify (bringing us live music), StackOverflow (building out a registration area complete with vinyl cut outs) and Shutterstock (manning an interactive photo booth.)” How… literal.

The event has been rebranded from last year’s iteration, the Silicon Alley Talent Fair, though this year the fair will again offer ping-pong, as well as foosball, sponsored by Divide by Enterproid (phew!).

Considering there are four positions for every programmer, we can see why a tech talent fair would be necessary. Just make sure you don’t take too much advantage of the open bar, unless that sort of thing helps stoke your ability to dream up great startup ideas.

The NYC Uncubed tech talent fair is on Tuesday April 26 from 1pm-7pm at the Altman Building. You can register here.