Bernar Venet in Talks to Build Fukushima Memorial

From Artforum.

Bernar Venet, the French sculptor of giant metal loops fresh from a major show at Versailles, is in talks with the Japanese government to build a monument in Fukushima that will commemorate last year’s tsunami there.

This news comes from Le Figero. Here’s the Googly Translated version of the relevant portion, everything [sic]:

“The project in Fukushima is still in the early symbolic. This is to imagine a sculpture that would be installed in the village that was devastated by the Black Sea, watched terrified of the planet who has seen and reviewed the same images of the disaster in motion.  This monument will honor the tens of thousands of victims, as the desire of the Japanese to rebuild, despite everything, “says Le Figaro that the man pressed the unexpected success of Versailles was propelled to the speed of light.

Thanks to AMA for pointing us to this.

Bernar Venet in Talks to Build Fukushima Memorial