Beyonce Has a Tumblr Now

Beyonce (Getty Images)

Joining luminaries like John Mayer, Anthony Bourdain, and new Bravo reality star Julia Allison, Beyonce has joined Tumblr. (Hat-tip to every single person we follow on that site for alerting us to the existence of the Beyonceblr.) The site is an elegantly designed vertical column of photos, each one bordering the next and generally depicting the pop star on vacation.

The context-free Tumblr photos (is there any other sort?) are buttressed with sections on the pop star’s new website including “BeyHive” (a list of terminology for different sorts of Beyonce fans, including Honey Beys, Bumble Beys, and Digger Beys) and “Performance,” which promotes her upcoming three-night stand in Atlantic City. There’s also some random data dumps, as in the letter on her home page wherein Beyonce tells her fans “What I find in the art of Jean Michel Basquiat, I search for every day in music.”

As of this writing, Beyonce’s most recent post had received 577 “likes” and “reblogs.” (Our fragile egos.) Meanwhile, husband Jay-Z’s inspiration-board style website (written by others, contra the ultra-personal Tumblr ethos) continues to exist.