Bible iPad App Adds Features to Be ‘More Social’

"The new update also makes the Bible social - giving our users an easy way to share the contents of Glo through Social Media."

A screenshot from Glo Bible's new retina display app (

You know what’s boring? Books. You know what’s super boring? Old, religious books. Like the Bible! No thousand-page text is going to tear us from our Draw Something games any time soon. What the Bible really needs is a digital makeover, stat. Enter Glo Bible, an iPad app with an updated retina display that makes Jesus like, way more interesting.

Glo Bible is one of the many apps available in the iTunes store that seek to ‘modernize’ the Bible by making it more social. Because nothing says “I’m a serious disciple of Christ” like tweeting a quote from Corinthians.

This new app is really great because if there’s anything our Facebook feeds need more of, it’s daily musings about how “Thou shall not commit adultery” immediately following a link to an article from Esquire about how your wife needs to fuck better.

But really, if you’re into the whole religious thing, which we are clearly not, Glo Bible seems like a neat way to turn something really old into something really new. We can see how its interactivity features, like maps, videos and photos, could go a long way in helping to get young people interested. Just please don’t flood our Twitter streams with Bible verses, okay?

Bible iPad App Adds Features to Be ‘More Social’