Bikes Desecrate 9/11: Lane to Blamed for Moving Survivor Sphere

Curse those bikes!

So the Battery Conservancy wants to move The Sphere, Fritz Koenig’s sculpture that survived the attacks and has called the park home for a decade. The conservancy defends the decision because it is holding up long-planned renovations to the park, which have taken place everywhere but on the site of The Sphere, the installation of which was always meant to be permanent.

The hope was the sculpture would be reinstalled at the World Trade Center site, but as that project has dragged on, and uncertainty continues, its fate is now uncertain. The sculpture moves to JFK this week, and will hopefully find a home at the site, possibly on a park planned for the space where the old Deutsche Bank Building used to stand.

Whose to blame here, though?

Not the warring bureaucrats or construction delays or even the terrorists. It is a group of nefarious New Yorkers far worse: bike riders and their infernal lanes. PIX‘s investigative guru Greg Mocker—who won’t let anybody embed his videos!—has the story. (We have to admit, we do like the Raiders of the Lost Arch reference at the end.)

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