Brooklyn Has a Prostitution Problem

Maybe it’s just because it’s the most populous borough (or it has a thing for all things home-grown), but Brooklyn has almost three times as many sex-trafficking incidents as its neighboring boroughs. That tidbit is revealed in a Daily News story about the borough’s efforts to stamp out the sex trade, which has been particularly pernicious around Brooklyn schools.

Last year, there were nearly three times as many sex-trafficking arrests in Brooklyn than in any other borough — 23 compared with nine each in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens, and none in Staten Island.

Rachel Lloyd, executive director of Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, which helps trafficking survivors, said recruiting is happening everywhere, including schools.

“Pimps go where young people are,” she said.

“Teachers may think, that’s something happening in Thailand. But there could be a girl sitting your class who is two weeks away from being recruited, or who has already been recruited . . . . we’ve got girls in junior high who’ve been through this.”

And to think the parents in Park Slope spend most of their time worrying about Mr. Softee.

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Brooklyn Has a Prostitution Problem