Christie’s Announces New Imp-Mod Leadership

Ms. Lampley. (Courtesy Christie's)

Guy Jennings will head the Christie’s Impressionist and Modern department, the company announced recently, replacing outgoing chairman Thomas Seydoux, who recently said that he would leave the company to pursue a career in the private market.

Mr. Jennings was first employed by Christie’s in 1980 and has bounced to Sotheby’s and the private market since that time. New York’s Imp-Mod department also underwent a less-publicized shakeup recently with the promotion of Brooke Lampley to the head of the department. Ms. Lampley, who was 28 in 2009, replaces Conor Jordan, a 16-year veteran of the auction house who was promoted to deputy chairman of the department. You’ll find Ms. Lampley below detailing some highlights from the big upcoming Imp-Mod auction in May.

Thanks to Art Market Monitor, which pointed us to this news via a post that introduced Ms. Lampley as the “new face of Christie’s Imp-Mod Dept. in NY.”