Delta Flight Makes Bird Strike Emergency Landing, CNN Journalist and Fox News Contributor Both Live to Tweet the Tale

Many a New Yorker’s deep-seated and very specific air-travel related fear—a bird flying into the engine after takeoff, causing an emergency landing a la Sully—just manifested into reality for not just one, but a high-profile CNN contributor and a Fox News contributor, both of whom lived to Tweet another day.

CNN Chief Business Correspondent Ali Velshi was apparently traveling on the same flight as serial entrepreneur, and Fox News, BusinessWeek, and Huffington Post contributor Grant Cardone on today’s Delta Flight 1063 out of JFK when a bird smashed into one of the engines shortly after takeoff, which, according to Velshi, filled the cabin with smoke.

According to Cardone, who claims to have video of the birds hitting—not up yet—they were seagulls. But he does have video up right now of a post-birdstrike engine in action. Even more, can you guess what he was doing when the birds hit? Book publicists, be proud:

But, they’re safe:

That said, there’s a lesson here, so New Media students, take note: This is how you get Twitter followers. | @weareyourfek