Dov Hikind, The Book

dov hikind getty1 Dov Hikind, The Book

Dov Hikind (Photo: Getty)

Dov Hikind is writing a book.

“It’s not just about political office,” he said in an interview this evening, noting the memoir will also address the early stages of his political advocacy, such as pushing for Jewish emigration rights abroad. “I was arrested many, many times, doing many things on behalf of the Soviet Jewry.”

Although the story won’t simply be about him, he said. Mr. Hikind, who’s a prominent voice on issues affecting the Jewish community, indicated the book would also touch on broader topics.

“It goes all the way back, not just historical, but also philosophical,” he added. “I think it’s about being in Jewish life. I’ll give you an example,  when my kids were growing up … in our home, it was always about trying to make a difference in this world. My son-in-law is a doctor, and when he was dating my daughter … I remember telling him the one thing we don’t need is another doctor.”

“But if you’re going to go the extra mile, if you’re going to be there for people,” he continued explaining, then one should act. He also referenced his son Yoni, who started a school for kids at risk. “The message is to make a difference for people.”

However, it’s not time to pre-order the memoir off of Amazon just yet, as Mr. Hikind also said it’s “something that will take at least a year and a half.”