Dwyane Wade, in SoHo Pickup Game, Dominating Local Tweens (Video)

Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade recently came to Madison Square Garden to beat the Knicks, which he and the Miami Heat obviously did. After, he spent time making conversation with Anna Wintour, and did a little shopping downtown.

While in the neighborhood, he took a few minutes to bring back something special to Miami with him: Bragging rights for “murking” the tough-talkin’ street ballers of SoHo’s Thompson Street playground. Via Animal New York, who found the video of it, SportsCenter, look out:

Of note: In their item on the matter, Page Six identified the park Wade played in as Tompkins Square Park, as opposed to the Thompson Street Playground, where Wade actually was. Confidential to Page Six: Not all grungy parks downtown look/are the same.

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