Ed Towns’ Reelection Campaign Off to A Curious Start

Congressman Towns

Congressman Ed Towns is officially campaigning for reelection, sort of.

He hasn’t been showing up at multiple Democratic club endorsements meetings, including some that supported him when he faced serious primary challenges in the past. Most notably, he skipped out on the Vanguard Independent Democratic Association, located in the heart of Bed-Stuy politics.

Bed-Stuy is a neighborhood crucial to victory as he faces the most serious challenge of his career from Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Councilman Charles Barron.

Online, Mr. Towns’ campaign also has little presence. Mr. Towns’ campaign website was last updated in 2011, while his campaign Twitter account last tweeted “Jobs Jobs Jobs” in 2010 (although his government account is active). His campaign’s Facebook page contains no posts.

Furthermore, Mr. Towns’ office had promised a “sit-down with local media to discuss his legislative agenda and plans going forward,” scheduled for yesterday, which although technically came from his office instead of his campaign, was obviously going to be the site of many campaign-oriented questions.

The event was abruptly canceled the day before.

This is all curious, as previously, Mr. Towns’ campaign was clearly ramping up. He had sent out campaign-related press releases as recently as March, raised over $200,000 in the last three months of 2011 after being caught with less than $12,000 in his campaign account over the summer, and has been circulating petitions to be on the ballot.

Perhaps Mr. Towns doesn’t need to go through the traditional motions of a campaign and he can win purely by turning out voters loyal to him in what is bound to be a low-turnout affair. However, with Mr. Jeffries amassing one labor endorsement after another, it remains strange that Mr. Towns hasn’t yet gone through at least the same motions as he did in his past reelection campaigns.

An email sent to his spokesman two days ago about the state of his campaign was referred to another staff member, who didn’t respond. Multiple subsequent emails sent to both staffers were not responded to.

However, a spokesman did tell Crain’s the Congressman would start campaigning “aggressively” sometime later this month.

The election is June 26th.

Ed Towns’ Reelection Campaign Off to A Curious Start