Eli Manning to Host Saturday Night Live

Mr. Manning (Getty Images)

Eli Manning is to continue in the vaunted tradition of his brother Peyton–and the less vaunted one of Michael Phelps and LeBron James and Nancy Kerrigan. He’s going to host Saturday Night Live on May 5! We hope the Giants’ Super Bowl hero–a shy and retiring type by comparison to splashy New York athletes of past vintage or to his brother–is practicing some jokes, or at least saying “Ladies and gentlemen, Rihanna” convincingly. (Rihanna is the musical guest, which is weird for SNL in the sense that we had heard of her.)

The show has been under the spotlight recently for a Maureen Dowd column that alleged Mitt Romney has been offered a guest appearance on the show (and not specifically a hosting gig, as has been imputed all over the internet). If past years’ schedules are guide, there are only three more chances for this to happen until fall 2012! Just in case he ends up meeting the former Massachusetts Governor backstage, Mr. Manning might want to prepare a few talking points about how hard a worker Ann Romney is.