F.C.C. Levels $25,000 Fine Against Google For Street View Data Breaches

Your information is safe, CITIZEN.


While $25,000 is pocket change to the search giant, the news that the Federal Communications Commission has fined Google for Street View data collection may come at a bad time P.R.-wise for the company, considering questions being asked by U.K. organizations regarding Google’s use of CAPTCHAs to resolve blurry house numbers seen on Street View.

Here in the U.S. the F.C.C. issue an order on Friday, April 13 giving evidence Google wouldn’t go along with its investigation into Google’s data collection practices during the 2007-2010 phas of its Street View project. The F.C.C. stated that Google’s poor conduct in this instance “…threatens to compromise the commission’s ability to effectively investigate possible violations of the Communications Act and the commission’s rules.”

It is believed Google gathered highly sensitive information it didn’t need for the Street View project, including passwords and Internet usage data.

Reuters reports Google “could not be reached for comment.”