Fitbit’s New Aria Smart Scale: For When Tweeting Your Weight Just Isn’t Enough

Quantify yoself, fool!

Hello, Aria.

At some point in 2003, we walked into a Best Buy and walked out with a scale that measures our body fat percentage. But for the self-quantifiers among us, that kind of static measurement is woefully inadequate.

If you’re the kind of human that likes to correlate your BMI to calories burned and access that intel from a dynamic graph on your smartphone for realtime self-flagellation, then have we got the scale for you!

Yesterday, venture-backed Fitbit started shipping Aria, its long-awaited new Wifi-enabled smart scale that synchs up with the Fitbit Ultra, its wireless pedometer and stair tracker.

The whole thing practically screams:  I am ready for the Singularity, Ray Kurzweil!  

Like the $160 Withings scale, which Rick Webb once called “awwwwwwwwesome,  Fitbit Aria measures your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI. Only instead of giving you the option of tweeting out that information or loading it up to the personal informatics site, it also lets you synch with your Fitbit for $30 less and access the data online or through an iOS / Android app.

As TechCrunch notes, “These readings help you understand your current health status and remind you, ceaselessly and without mercy, of your – well, my – failures as a biological entity.” After this, you should be fully optimized on shaming technologies. But let us know if you need help setting up an Ifttt so everyone on the street laughs at you when you walk into a Shake Shack.

Fitbit’s New Aria Smart Scale: For When Tweeting Your Weight Just Isn’t Enough