Frieze VIP Shuttles, at Your Service

2012 BMW 7 Series. (Courtesy Motor Trend)

This morning, Frieze Art Fair posted a nifty little video to their Facebook page advising potential visitors to Frieze on how to get there with animated diagrams outlining routes by train, taxi and shuttle bus (We’ve also written on the topic). The video, however, does not include the shuttle service available only to certain VIPs, who have the option of leaving the fair in a luxury BMW Series 7 equipped with sound pieces by Martin Creed, Frances Stark and Rick Moody.

Every day during fair hours, BMW offers VIPs the option of being whisked away the moment they are ready to go. Registration happens on site at the fair, according to a BMW spokesperson, on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are 30 cars in the fleet, in a variety of colors—some seat three passengers, some seat four. So groups of VIPs, take heart: You can band together. And if you’re a VIP by your lonesome, rest assured that they will not be grouping individuals together with strangers, like skiers at a lift. You get your own car, with plenty of legroom, replete with fine-art sound-scape to luxuriate in. So, how much competition among VIPs will there be? We tried to find out how many VIP passes were issued, but all we were told was “Frieze is very conservative with their VIPs.”

You won’t be able to reserve them in the morning in advance, so take heed. “When you’re ready to go, they transport you at that moment.” Get thee to the registration desk well before closing time! And the shuttle service only operates to Manhattan, so Brooklyn VIPs, you’re out of luck for a ride home. Better watch that video again.