George Condo Paints Album Art for Kanye West’s Latest Single

Artwork for the single. (Courtesy Def Jam)

Kayne West’s latest single “Theraflu,” dropped on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show last night, and today the rapper posted artwork for the single via Twitter. The painting shows a semi-nude female torso with the over-the-counter cold medicine for a head.

A quick email to Mr. West’s publicist confirmed that the artist of the painting is in fact George Condo, who has previously collaborated with Mr. West for the cover of his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and on a few singles off of that album. It is an original work (so, no, Mr. Condo didn’t happen to have a painting that featured Theraflu lying around).

The song makes reference to the rapper’s dalliance with a certain reality television show star, but that isn’t terribly art-related, so why mention her name? We’ve done our part. Move along now.