Google Breaks Down the White House Correspondents’ Dinner With Fun Infographic!

An easy way to understand D.C.'s annual night of laffs? (JESS3)

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner this weekend has D.C. is gearing up for its annual influx of celebrities, media outlets, party crashers, very etc.

The Academy Awards of politics, but without any actual awards being given (and usually with funnier hosts) has become one of the most tuned-into D.C. events of the year. But how many people outside the media itself actually care about the correspondent’s dinner?

For those answers we turn to JESS3, a creative agency that recently teamed up with Google to help people visualize political data through New York Magazine-style infographics.
Check out the full image after the jump!

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We can’t tell if this graphic made anything easier to understand, but it sure looks cool.