Harvey Weinstein’s Bully Gets Its PG-13

Harvey Weinstein (Getty Images)

Harvey Weinstein’s Weinstein Company has apparently capitulated to the Motion Picture Association of America, cutting some profanity (though not any scenes in full) in order to obtain the PG-13 rating that will allow for wider viewership. Per the Los Angeles Times, the new version of the film is to roll out on April 13, when the film expands from limited to wide release. This ends a détente between Mr. Weinstein and the ratings board, during which Mr. Weinstein had previously decided to leave his film unrated rather than face the R-rating stigma. Referring to MPAA Chairman Chris Dodd and the film’s subject matter, Mr. Weinstein said in a statement: ““Senator Dodd’s support gives voice to the millions of children who suffer from bullying, and on behalf of TWC, the filmmakers, the families in the film and the millions of children and parents who will now see this film, I thank him for recognizing that this very real issue cannot afford to go unnoticed.””