Insta-Nostalgia: Thought Catalog Looks Back on the Ever-Saming Williamsburg Landscape

Same, same, but different (Getty Images)

Insta-Nostalgia (noun): Glorification/yearning of or for a period in history that only recently ended, or is still occurring. Confined mostly to Millennials, hipsters, and Kurt Andersen,  symptoms of insta-nostalgia may include anything from ironic Lana Del Rey listening parties to an obsession with Instagram photos.


Person A: “Hey, remember that time Thought Catalog posted a 1263-word article about how cool Williamsburg was in 2006, but then it changed, but so did the author of the piece, so it’s still cool?”

Person B: “Yes, I remember yesterday.”

Person A: “Man, those were the days, back when you could still go to Roebling Tea Room or Union Pool and possibly see Maggie Gyllenhaal hanging out, or wait in a long bathroom line without it being a big deal.”

Person B: “Those are still ‘the days,’ you’re just suffering from insta-nostalgia. By the way, would you like to buy this totally analog iPhone 3g?”

Person A: “I would love to purchase your retro device. So cute!”

Also known as:This is why we can’t write about nice things.”