John Liu Knows What He’s Going to Do Next Year; Expects More Allegations

John Liu (Photo: NY1)

New York City Comptroller John Liu, a possible candidate for mayor next year who has seen multiple federal indictments against his campaign operations, knows exactly what office he’s going to seek next year, but he’s just not ready to say it yet.

“I know what I’m going to do next year,” he precisely said while being interviewed on Inside City Hall last night.

When asked about Councilman Dan Garodnick’s recently announced campaign for comptroller, Mr. Liu continued to vaguely suggest he’s indeed running for mayor.

“Dan and I have had a number of private conversations over the years, and very recently also,” he responded. “Dan is obviously a very shrewd politician and he’s probably making the right move.”

His comments echo a confusing message his campaign’s spokesman sent out yesterday calling Mr. Garodnick a “perceptive politician,” made more confusing because Mr. Garodnick is acting like he very much has no idea what Mr. Liu is going to do next year. Indeed, an unnamed source told the New York Daily News, “Dan didn’t know John’s plans, and frankly still doesn’t understand what they are. But, whatever they may have been/may be/may be tomorrow, they are irrelevant to Dan’s decision.”

Furthermore, Mr. Garodnick has been criticizing the fundraising scandal surrounding Mr. Liu, arguing that it renders him less effective, something that wouldn’t exactly be necessary if he was sure Mr. Liu would run for higher office instead of seeking reelection.

Regardless, Mr. Liu suggested the bad headlines about federal indictments against his campaign will continue.

“There are a ton of allegations out there, I can only imagine there will be more allegations in the coming months,” he said. “This thing is not going away anytime soon, this is going to drag out. But I’m looking forward to as speedy of a resolution as can be had on this matter.”

John Liu Knows What He’s Going to Do Next Year; Expects More Allegations