John Liu’s Suggested Reading List

john liu John Lius Suggested Reading List

John Liu in 2010. (Photo: Getty)

New York City Comptroller John Liu would like you to know that, in spite of his fundraising scandal, he has a large amount of support in Queens’ Asian community, he stands by his management of his campaign finances and he is still “talking like a candidate” for the 2013 mayoral election. As new email evidence has led his antagonists on the New York Post editorial page to suggest Mr. Liu or his top aide may be the next ones arrested in the ongoing imbgroglio that has already claimed one of his top donors and his campaign treasurer, Jenny Hou, Mr. Liu’s campaign sent an email to supporters with some reading material about the case.

Mr. Liu’s email showcased an excerpt from a lengthy New York magazine feature about the investigation that featured an interview with the comptroller and focused on his strong support among Asians in his home base of Flushing. The article also addressed theories among his supporters that Mr. Liu is being targeted due to his race or his vigorous opposition of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Mr. Liu’s email described the feature as “an interesting article … about Comptroller John Liu and the current investigation into his campaign fundraising” and said the writer, Mark Jacobson, “invested a great deal of time with John and in the community.”

The email also included two different interviews Mr. Liu did with the Associated Press–one in which he outlined his defense against the fundraising allegations and another highlighting the fact he’s still carrying himself like he’s preparing to run for mayor. Mr. Liu’s email borrowed its title from the New York article: “Unlucky 800,” a reference to the importance of the number eight in Chinese culture and Mr. Liu’s $800 cap on donations.