Kraftwerk Plays ‘The Man-Machine’ Live at MoMA, Offers No Proof That They Aren’t Actually Robots

Here’s an unfamiliar scene from the front entrance of the Museum of Modern Art last Friday: a shady looking bald man was saying, “You got any extra tickets?” sounding more like he was trying to score meth; directly next to him, a sulking man with a large frame tucked into a baggy hooded sweatshirt shouted, “Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!”
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  1. [...] “When only Mr. Hütter was left onstage, his voice could be heard chanting the phrase “music nonstop” on a loop. His mouth wasn’t moving. The music was still playing after they had all left the stage.” – Michael Miller goes to see Kraftwerk do The Man-Machine for Gallerist. [...]

  2. […] Rebecca Allen visuals for Kraftwerk concert at MoMA // 2012. Rebecca Allen is the current creative director for Nicholas Negroponte’s projects. source […]