Make Hundreds of Dollars Off Microsoft, AT&T and Nokia Bending Over Backwards to Sell Windows Phones

A lesson in arbitrage.

The Nokia Lumia 900.

The first flagship Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 900, comes out on April 8th; and because the companies behind it are so eager to get people to try a Windows phone after decades of besmirching that brand, they’re discounting it massively. This enormous, beautiful, and somewhat revolutionary phone costs $449-$499 without a plan, but you can get it at AT&T for $99. Walmart has it for free if you don’t already have AT&T service and $49 if you do.

What this means for you, unsavory person, is that you can take advantage of the “generosity” of these companies and make possibly a couple hundred dollars.

If you buy the phone at Walmart for free with a two-year contract and the cheapest plan options ($39.99 for talk/text and $20 for mandatory data), you’ve dropped $59.99 (plus tax, shipping’s free). Add the $315 it’ll cost you to cancel the plan, and you’ve spent $374.99 on a phone that retails for, at very least, $449. On eBay, the phone’s going for between $488 and $729, and that price will certainly come down in the weeks after the phone’s release. But, if you pre-order online now, Walmart and AT&T will ship the device to you on April 5th—so you can get it before anyone else, which means that huge eBay premium will still be intact as the phone won’t be officially released for another three days. Act fast!

David Shapiro is Betabeat’s gadgets correspondent and the 23-year-old pseudonymous blogger behind Pitchfork Reviews Reviews.