Mark Murphy Raises Over $150,000

mark murphy fb Mark Murphy Raises Over $150,000

Mark Murphy (Photo: Facebook)

Mark Murphy, the Democratic challenger to freshman GOP Congressman Michael Grimm, has raised over $150,000 in the last quarter, his campaign’s spokesman Nathan Smith told The Politicker this evening.

“Over half of that $150,000 was raised in the last 14 days,”  Mr. Smith said, arguing that this is significant since previously there was an environment where it seemed another candidate, notably former Congressman Michael McMahon, could still jump in, and donors were waiting for the dust to settle.

About two weeks ago, however, the Staten Island Democratic Party officially endorsed Mr. Murphy’s candidacy, effectively closing the door for other candidates.

“After the DCCC found out about this number, they quickly invited him to their forum this weekend … [that] featured him as one of their up and coming candidates,” Mr. Smith added, referencing the New York Issues Conference where candidates could powwow with donors and national leaders like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Whip Steny Hoyer and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel.

In an email to supporters today, the candidate himself was similarly enthused.

“The results of our quarterly fundraising efforts were terrific — exceeding all of our fundraising goals,” Mr. Murphy wrote. “With your help, we have demonstrated the true grassroots nature of this campaign and the extraordinary support we have – not from secret special interests – but from the voters of this district.”

Although it’s a nice chunk of cash for Mr. Murphy to move forward with, he still has some significant catching up to do with the incumbent he’s seeking to unseat. Three months ago, Mr. Grimm reported having a whopping $1 million in his own campaign war chest.